Devil’s River Digital Repository Project


Data/Information Clearinghouse for Research, Monitoring, and Restoration Actions that have occurred within the Devils River Watershed


There is often no single place one can go to search academic studies, student theses, governmental reports, industry research, and newspaper articles about certain rivers and watersheds.


An organized and publicly-accessible online database of research, habitat restoration/preservation projects, monitoring efforts, and conservation projects would support the conservation of natural resources within watersheds. As a first step, we propose developing this database for the Devils River watershed. This will serve as a “pilot project” solution, and can be tested and refined before being extended to all focal watersheds within the Chihuahuan Desert Native Fish Conservation Network (see and to other watershed systems.

This pilot will leverage the existing WordPress website to host a repository of scholarly research and media, or metadata enriched links to these media. The repository will be organized by specific rivers and watersheds and will allow for record solicitation, editing, and commenting by stakeholders. Developing the repository to be publicly accessible and editable will enable users to monitor and update relevant content; allowing the site to evolve and refresh with minimal administrative website assistance.


Devils River Conservancy (DRC) DRC will lead the coordination of the steering committee and the initial literature database structure and record population. Once the site mechanisms are in place for record capture and display/discoverability, DRC will lead efforts to coordinate among the steering committee and other stakeholders to gather feedback and solicit the entry of additional data records.

Siglo Group Siglo group will provide consultation on the initial database information architecture and structure and will lead the website development portion of the project.