Edwards Plateau and Lower Colorado River

Conservation Plan

Conservation action plan and science agenda from stakeholder-led workshops

Progress and Outcomes of the Colorado River Native Fish Conservation Area Planning Process. An interdisciplinary team of 32 fish and wildlife conservation professionals representing conservation non-profits, universities, state and federal agencies gathered for a series of conservation planning workshops in fall 2015. Priority actions now provide the groundwork for a conservation action plan that will guide partner investments over the next 5-10 years in cooperative, watershed-scale conservation of native fishes and other aquatic resources in the Colorado River watershed. The Colorado River Conservation Action Plan is expected to be finalized by fall 2016.

Colorado River NFCA Action Plan Summary

Priority science needs identified within the Colorado River Native Fish Conservation Area primarily centered on the need for development of river reach-specific data and decision support tools that can be used to inform the conservation of environmental flows (through mechanisms such as inclusion of prescribed releases in water rights permits and dam operations plans or leases of existing water rights for instream uses). Another area of interest focused on the need for data and decision support tools to guide and prioritize restoration and preservation of riparian and floodplain habitats (through mechanisms such as conservation easements or other landowner incentives). Three highest-priority projects emerged during the Colorado River Native Fish Conservation Area planning process. These three projects are listed below, all three of which are now underway supported directly by TPWD.