Project Summary

This project creates an organized and publicly-accessible online database of research, habitat restoration/preservation projects, monitoring efforts, and conservation projects in the Devils River Watershed, Texas, USA.

It serve as a “pilot” solution, which will be tested and refined before being extended to all focal watersheds within the Chihuahuan Desert Native Fish Conservation Network and to other watershed systems.

This repository hosts a repository of scholarly research and media, or metadata enriched links to these media. The repository is organized currently around the enviromental, cultural, biological, and earth science disciplines, as well as by record type.

The database is being held and managed as part of the Zotero bibliographic group. Zotero is a free and open-source reference management software to manage bibliographic data and related research materials. The contents of the Zotero group are dynamically served in real time to this web portal.

Devils River digital repository group

The repository and reference management within Zotero allows for record solicitation, editing, and commenting by stakeholders. Developing the repository to be publicly accessible and editable enables users to monitor and update relevant content; allowing the site to evolve and refresh with minimal administrative website assistance. The Zotero group is located on the Zotero platform located here. You may submit a request to join the group on that page.