Assess the current status, Habitat use, and movements of the Sabine shiner

Project Description

Assess the current status, Habitat use, and movements of the Sabine shiner (Notropis sabinae) within an urbanized watershed (La Nana Bayou) in East Texas

Conservation Area

Southeast Texas Rivers Native Fish Conservation Area

NFCA Objectives

Project Hierarchy: High (i.e., timely and urgent, needs to occur within the next 1-3 years)
Estimated Cost Range: <$50,000
Project Submitted By: Carmen G. Montana, Stephen F. Austin State University
Suggested Contact: Kevin Mayes

By identifying the local and regional environmental factors affecting the current abundance and dispersion of the Sabine shiner between and among habitats within La Nana watershed will promote conservation management decisions and prioritize habitat connectivity among populations. Contemporary surveys did not report Sabine Shiner from same sites surveyed over 20 year ago, and an isolate population appears to remain in Banita Creek, a highly disturbed stream. This proposed project will help to identify in-stream barriers that could be limiting movements of this species.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service State Wildlife Grants Program? Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Project Status

  • Suggested
  • Ongoing
  • Completed

Project Location

La Nana Bayou, three sites along the main channel within the Nacogdoches county. Sites are locate upstream and downstream of confluence between La Nana and Banita. Banita Creek is 2nd order stream and a tributary of La Nana Bayou.