Fish barriers for Sharpnose Shiner and Smalleye Shiner

Project Description

Identify partial fish barriers in occupied habitat for the Sharpnose Shiner and Smalleye Shiner and work with private landowners to design and replace water crossing structures. Funding from USFWS through the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and National Fish Passage Program could support this effort.

Conservation Area


NFCA Objectives

Project Hierarchy: 1
Estimated Cost Range: ~$100,000 - $200,000
Project Submitted By: Omar Bocanegra
Suggested Contact: Omar Bocanegra

restore connectivity of habitat; facilitate larval recruitment to adulthood and enhance reproductive success

United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

USFWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife and National Fish Passage Programs

Project Status

  • Suggested
  • Ongoing
  • Completed

Project Location

Upper Brazos River upstream of Possum Kingdom Lake wherever water crossings acting as fish barriers exist.