Removal of Otilla Dam

Project Description

Removal of Otilla Dam in Bexar County.

Conservation Area

Guadalupe and San Antonio Rivers Native Fish Conservation Area

NFCA Objectives

Project Hierarchy: Moderate (i.e., needs to occur within the next 3-5 years)
Estimated Cost Range: $400,000-$500,000
Project Submitted By: Shaun Donovan, San Antonio River Authority
Suggested Contact: Shaun Donovan, Chris Vaughn, Josh Spencer and Aarin Teague

Would allow for free fish movement including American Eel, Burrhead Chub and Guadalupe Bass. Would also restore numerous ecological functions (e.g. sediment transport).

TCEQ, TPWD, San Antonio Water System, World Fish Migration Foundation, The Nature Conservancy

San Antonio River Authority, federal or state funds.

Project Status

  • Suggested
  • Ongoing
  • Completed

Project Location

San Antonio River main stem, approximately 17 km south-southeast of downtown San Antonio; 29.274735, -98.427961