Riparian Stewardship

Project Description

Engage landowners in riparian stewardship through in-person, interactive educational events

Conservation Area


NFCA Objectives

Project Hierarchy: Tier 1 - High Priority
Estimated Cost Range: ~$50,000 - $100,000
Project Submitted By: Daniel Oppenheimer
Suggested Contact: Daniel Oppenheimer, 210-287-0478,

Enhanced network of public and private partners, riparian areas, and aquatic habitat.

Hill Country Alliance, Upper Guadalupe River Authority, Kendall County Soil and Water Conservation District, Cibolo Nature Center, YMCA's Roberts Ranch

TPWD and Dixon Water Foundation

Project Status

  • Suggested
  • Ongoing
  • Completed

Project Location

The Guadalupe River and tributary creeks in Kerr, Kendall, ad Blanco Counties