Technical guidance on best management practices

Project Description

Provide science-based technical guidance (to public and private landowners) on best management practices for conservation of natural landscapes, with a particular emphasis on preservation of instream habitats, riparian buffers, springs, aquifer recharge features, and upland landscapes (to maintain ground filtration and water quality)

Conservation Area


NFCA Objectives

Project Hierarchy: 1
Estimated Cost Range: ~$50,000 - $100,000
Project Submitted By: Advisory Council Member
Suggested Contact: Megan Bean, TPWD

improved watershed function and aquatic resource conservation

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Landowner Incentive Program, State Wildlife Grant; NFWF, TPWF

Project Status

  • Suggested
  • Ongoing
  • Completed

Project Location

Hill Country Rivers NFCA