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Native Fish Conservation Areas Chihuahuan Desert of Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, in partnership with University of Texas Fishes of Texas Project and Siglo Group, has developed a statewide network of focal watersheds that represents a set of native fish “strongholds”. In the Chihuahuan Desert region of Texas, six Native Fish Conservation Areas in the Rio Grande, Pecos and Devils river basins […]

Can brook trout survive climate change in large rivers? If it rains.

We provide an assessment of thermal habitat vulnerability in the upper Shavers Fork sub-watershed, West Virginia, which currently supports a brook trout metapopulation. We quantified variability in observed (2001–2015) summer stream temperatures (TS) across 23 (9 tributary, 14 main-stem) reaches. We developed a mixed effects model (R2=0.93; RMSE=0.76oC) to predict mean daily TS from air […]