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Conservation of Native Fishes in the Colorado River Basin, Texas

The Colorado River originates near Lubbock, TX and empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Streamflow is largely controlled by 11 reservoirs used for flood control, agriculture, municipal and industrial supply, hydropower production, and recreation. Maintaining a balance between human and environmental needs in the basin is becoming increasingly challenging with unprecedented population growth and increasing […]

Native Fish Conservation Areas Chihuahuan Desert of Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, in partnership with University of Texas Fishes of Texas Project and Siglo Group, has developed a statewide network of focal watersheds that represents a set of native fish “strongholds”. In the Chihuahuan Desert region of Texas, six Native Fish Conservation Areas in the Rio Grande, Pecos and Devils river basins […]

Can brook trout survive climate change in large rivers? If it rains.

We provide an assessment of thermal habitat vulnerability in the upper Shavers Fork sub-watershed, West Virginia, which currently supports a brook trout metapopulation. We quantified variability in observed (2001–2015) summer stream temperatures (TS) across 23 (9 tributary, 14 main-stem) reaches. We developed a mixed effects model (R2=0.93; RMSE=0.76oC) to predict mean daily TS from air […]